Etienne Proulx



Etienne Proulx is an internationally acclaimed tabletop specialist and has over 30 years of shooting experience in film, commercials and advertising photography. The last 15 years has seen him specializing in shooting and styling liquids and beer and his stunning work can be seen in film and television, in print and in all types of digital media.

Etienne is a master craftsman, combining great artistry with a complete understanding of every technical aspect involved in the shooting of tabletop and liquids. The beauty and innovation of his work is the result of his commitment to research and development, his ability to design and build his own tools as well as create mock-ups and color corrected products.

Over the years, Etienne has specialised in high-speed camera movement, working with the latest technologies in hi-speed robotic-camera-arms. He has developed and engineered motion-activators and triggers controlled by the robotic systems to achieve outstanding visuals captured in a very precise micro-second.

Etienne is inspired and passionate about every aspect of his work – it is his life and he lives it to the max.


Director’s Reel 2018

Motts Clamato Mosaic

SAQ Black

SAQ White

Tim Hortons Cafè Latte

Tim Hortons Dark Roast

Tim Hortons DBL-DBL

Tim Hortons Iced Cap Indulgence

Tim Hortons Tender Chicken Strips

Tim Hortons Wrap Snacker


Activia Pure

Activia Fruit

Baton Rouge Lobster Days

Budweiser Repeal Reserve

Budweiser Refresh – Dramatic Hero 2

Budweiser Refresh – Dramatic Hero

Budweiser Freedom Reserve

Coors Light – Making Of

Coors Light Draught

Coors Light Cold Certified

Coors Light Climb On

Liberte – Skyr

Liberte – Greek Crunch

McDonalds Chinese Szechuan

McDonalds Italian Pesto

McDonalds McCafe

Motts Clamato

Michelob Pour

Scores Seafood

Come on In!



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